Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm excited.....I have my on, I'm not a freak!

So we have a funeral to go to this weekend.

My great aunt on my dad's side passed away. She was sooo sweet, she was in her 80's. So tonight I'm going to work on my Multiples shop, and get my designs in there so I don't have much to do when we get back(I'm sure I'll be tired).It's a 5 hour drive and we haven't decided if we're staying overnight or not.

Soooo a bit off thing that bothers me, is that on my mom's side, we spent LOTS of time with my aunts,uncles,cousins and my gramma growing up. Lots and lots (don't know too many relatives on my dad's side, and this funeral is on my dad's side).

Anyway, since my gramma on my mom's side died in 1993 (CRUSHED ME! She was the only gramma I knew after the age of 4, the only grandparent really. My other gramma died when I was about 4 and my dad's sister died a year later I think it was), mom and her siblings(and us)rarely get together.

My gramma on my mom's side is up in heaven PISSED! I know she is. The last time we all got together was 1997. Oh we are going to soooo get it when we all get to heaven. She is going to CHEW our butts! You do NOT wanna mess with Gramma.

The only time we see each other ( My aunts,uncles and cousins on my mom's side)is at funerals. I just think it's sad. I have to say though, I talk to my Godmother on the phone and see her at my Gramma's grave every Memorial Day. I see my Godfather here and there (he lives out of state)too.

So this funeral is very special to me. I've only met people on my dad's side (other then my great aunt,her daughter and granddaughter)a few times, mainly when I was a kid and I don't recall too many of them. Most of them have passed on though then again, so some of the people I will not know at all.

I'm excited because I get to visit my Gramma's grave and my Aunt's grave (my dad's mom and sister). I have only been there once or twice. Last time we went my son and I (my daughter wasn't born yet) made a sign (and laminated it, even though we knew the groundskeeper would remove it eventually)that said..."We Love You Nanny!" and signed all our names on it and put it next to her grave. I told my folks that anytime they go there, I want to go too. They don't go very often though.

So it's a busy weekend and will be sad, but also a celebration of my great aunt's life. I have a hard time with funerals, I don't cry often, but deaths get to me ( i know, they get to most people). I am going to drill my dad's cousin for heritage info as she has a ton and is willing to share it ( my great aunt kinda kept some of it a secret). Mainly we need to find where the Indian side of us resided.

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