Sunday, May 31, 2009

Funeral and Genealogy

The funeral was soooo well thought out and touching! What a great send off for my great aunt! I also found out more genealogy stuff!

Our Native American blood was Sewee Indians we found out. We finally have a tribe name! YAY! We are related to the Kennedys ( yes, as in Pres. John Kennedy), we're related to Mary queen of Scots (we have a trail of Scottish blood a mile long!),there is other royal blood too, just can't recall right now. My dad's cousin is going to send me more info soon. She was able to trace our roots back to like the 13th or 15th century I think she said! It's all sooo amazing!

I also found out that Epilepsy is not only on my dad's side, but my mom's side too (my son has Epilepsy). Genetics is a powerful thing....

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Tonight Show....sniff sniff....

It's going to be sooo weird watching The Tonight Show without Jay Leno (just like it was weird watching it without Johnny Carson!)! But I have to say Conan is very funny! I'm hoping Jay's new show will be good, and I hope Conan does well on The Tonight Show.

The send off on The Tonight Show was a good one long Jay, you'll be missed!

I'm excited.....I have my on, I'm not a freak!

So we have a funeral to go to this weekend.

My great aunt on my dad's side passed away. She was sooo sweet, she was in her 80's. So tonight I'm going to work on my Multiples shop, and get my designs in there so I don't have much to do when we get back(I'm sure I'll be tired).It's a 5 hour drive and we haven't decided if we're staying overnight or not.

Soooo a bit off thing that bothers me, is that on my mom's side, we spent LOTS of time with my aunts,uncles,cousins and my gramma growing up. Lots and lots (don't know too many relatives on my dad's side, and this funeral is on my dad's side).

Anyway, since my gramma on my mom's side died in 1993 (CRUSHED ME! She was the only gramma I knew after the age of 4, the only grandparent really. My other gramma died when I was about 4 and my dad's sister died a year later I think it was), mom and her siblings(and us)rarely get together.

My gramma on my mom's side is up in heaven PISSED! I know she is. The last time we all got together was 1997. Oh we are going to soooo get it when we all get to heaven. She is going to CHEW our butts! You do NOT wanna mess with Gramma.

The only time we see each other ( My aunts,uncles and cousins on my mom's side)is at funerals. I just think it's sad. I have to say though, I talk to my Godmother on the phone and see her at my Gramma's grave every Memorial Day. I see my Godfather here and there (he lives out of state)too.

So this funeral is very special to me. I've only met people on my dad's side (other then my great aunt,her daughter and granddaughter)a few times, mainly when I was a kid and I don't recall too many of them. Most of them have passed on though then again, so some of the people I will not know at all.

I'm excited because I get to visit my Gramma's grave and my Aunt's grave (my dad's mom and sister). I have only been there once or twice. Last time we went my son and I (my daughter wasn't born yet) made a sign (and laminated it, even though we knew the groundskeeper would remove it eventually)that said..."We Love You Nanny!" and signed all our names on it and put it next to her grave. I told my folks that anytime they go there, I want to go too. They don't go very often though.

So it's a busy weekend and will be sad, but also a celebration of my great aunt's life. I have a hard time with funerals, I don't cry often, but deaths get to me ( i know, they get to most people). I am going to drill my dad's cousin for heritage info as she has a ton and is willing to share it ( my great aunt kinda kept some of it a secret). Mainly we need to find where the Indian side of us resided.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our day together

So my daughter and I are spending our day together. She wrote out our schedule ( to a "T"), and so far she's wanted to play Webkinz online, play Mastermind with me (love that game), go to McD's for lunch, get 2 Webkinz and now, again, play Webkinz online. No craft store to get a craft for she and I to do together, nothin'. LOL!

Tae Kwon Do class at Noon is only on Mon, Wed, Fri.....totally forgot until about 11am this morning. So we'll go to the evening one instead. It's been fun spending the day with her otherwise, but as you can see, Webkinz is the main focus of her day, LOL!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

YEAH!!! Day off tomorow!

So tomorrow my daughter and I will spend the day together (she's 8 going on 13)!

Each year I spend one day (that's all I can do folks) with my kid's class on a field trip or class event. This year, we've decided to spend the day together, just the 2 of us. So we'll go out to eat for breakfast, and then hang out, go to the noon Tae Kwon Do class, and then McDonald's playland, maybe do the build a bear thing, and then probably to the craft store to make some things together. She is soooo excited! I am too!

Next week is my son's turn. : )

I was going to design a T-shirt for our day out, but of course, life got in the way and I forgot to do it.....grrrrrrr. I hate it when I have a good idea and I forget.....grumble grumble...

OK, what happened...

My top ten disappeared, I bet if I look, a post I had still there. That's the one I meant to delete. LMAO

Ohhh is it a gloomy day. Days like this do NOT motivate me in the least. BLECK!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'll have a #3 please...... what I asked for in the drive thru at McDonald's tonight.

The 10 pounds I lost back in November and December has returned with a vengeance.

It was the last 10 pounds I wanted to lose and the most important in my eyes. It meant I had met my goal. Wish they had emoticons here on Blogger.

Now I have to say, I wasn't way over weight when I started trying to lose weight, don't want to give you all the wrong impression. But for my height (I'm very short) I was about 20-25 pounds overweight and yes, it's true what they say, the taller you are...the more your weight evens out. Believe me, it's true.
So, time to blame someone or something for gaining the 10 pounds back...hmmmm....

It's all the Easter bunny's fault! Oh's true. If they wouldn't have such AWESOME chocolate candy at Easter..this would have NEVER happened. Ok, it might have....but still....I blame the Easter bunny! Down with the Easter bunny!

I have enough Easter candy to last me until at least October, that's right....October.....pathetic, I know. I have to do that with candy that some companies only sell at Easter time...and I do STOCK UP. I throw down a few hundred bucks and am not ashamed of it (though I probably should be?).

Such a bad habit...I am an emotional eater, I always have been.


I should make a design for my Cafepress shop about it....."Proud to be able to eat a half a gallon of Edy's Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream in one sitting" or "Edy's Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Marathon Eating Contest Winner"....or something like that (of course, I couldn't use the "Edy's" name, I know).

Time to drown my sorrows in ice cream.....until next time, Live life to the fullest!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Back To Work tomorrow!

Oy, is my 3 day weekend over already? Sheesh....not much sleep and even though I KNOW I got a lot done.....I still ave a ton more! Worked on my Cafepress and Zazzle shops, and am impressed with the "dent" I put in the designs I got done.

Too many designs I want to do and only 2 hands to do it with! I need about 8 more hands!

Here's one of my shops: LINKY LOO LOO

Now, I'm adding more all the time. So check back and if you know someone who might like my designs, please pass the link on! : P

I will be posting some of my new designs (and some that aren't) here and there.

This week is a slow week as my daughter and I will spend Thursday together! Each year I spend one day (that's all I can do folks) with my kid's class on a field trip or class event. This year, we've decided to spend the day together. So my daughter gets me this Thursday and my son the following Thursday, my oldest has decided he is too cool for that...BOOOOO!

Since when do they get to act like they are growing up!!

The Golden Girls

Watching The Golden Girls.... I LOVE Betty White (She SOOOO doesn't look 87!)....and Blanche is such a tramp! LMAO ...RIP Estelle and Bea.

Remember those

Today is Memorial Day, thank a vet! Also, please remember those who gave their lives for our freedom!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's pretty bad when....

When you know a cartoon character's voice because he was on the tv show "House"....he was on House ONCE....just once! Isn't even a well know all!

The cartoon isn't a super famous one....I've never seen it before. One of my kids was watching it and I over heard the guys voice while in the kitchen making stir fry. lmao

I'm weird like that..... with useless knowledge.

Oh what a day!

When I rains it pours I swear! So today my goal is to get laundry done, have the kids try on their clothes from last spring/summer/fall ( a MAJOR task of course as my kids HATE trying clothes on), wash things that don't fit and putting the good stuff on Ebay and the rest will be put in the garage sale or donated.

Now of course along with those tasks, other things will be added to the list as we go along. It never fails. I call those things "micro tasks", they should be called "MAJOR tasks" because one "Micro task" will turn into 10 things!

And so the list will get bigger and bigger. Not fun.

But luckily I have tomorrow off ....Memorial Day....BONUS!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Here's a few of our designs! Click on the design to go to the store to see more and shop if you want (PLEASE NOTE: some designs are from my Zazzle shop and some are from my Cafepress shop. You can add all you want to each store. Designs from Zazle will be paid at Zazzle, and designs from Cafepress will be paid for at Cafepress..just so you know)!

GREAT design for a parent with Quads! Wonderful gift for a birthday, Christmas, baby shower, Mother's Day or any reason! More products available and men's clothing too!
Grab these adorable baby shower invitations for that special mom of twins! Matching stamps and posters available too!

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Great design for moms of triplets! Let everyone know you've escaped! Designs for twins and quadruplets too, and a design for dads! Please scroll down to see the design.

More designs to be posted!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My spot on the web!

Sanity is overrated and I don't remember what being sane is like anyway!

I'm a mom of 3 kids (hubby is the 4th), and also a WAHM. I decided it's time for a blog. My kids keep me very very busy and they also keep me laughing too. I still can't believe I have 2 teenager boys and an 8 year old (drama queen) girl! Where did the time go! Heck I can't believe I am almost 40! How can this be!

I run my own daycare (LOVE IT!) and in my spare time I run my own multiples store on and and am proud of the fun I bring to my customers! I have things that are whimsy and funny, and things for grandparents, and siblings too (sibling designs coming soon I should say)! I carrying designs for twins, triplets and quadruplets...and soon I will be carrying designs for quintuplets and sextuplets too. I also have things for grandparents, moms and dads.

You'll find adorable baby shower invitations, baby shower thank you cards, baby announcement cards, birthday party invitations and more! My other goal is to add Aunt and Uncle designs.

I am adding more each day or every other day, so if you or anyone you know is interested in checking out my store (shameless plug), please check back often. Please feel free to pass on my shop links to anyone you know that might be interested!

If you or someone you know wants something personalized that you see in either store, I'm sure I can help you out! Just send me a message here with the following information: Name of design, what product, and what you want it to say.

I will get back to you soon!

You can find our stores at :

Multiples Mania Shop @ Cafepress
(My Cafepess shop has more items at this time then my zazzle store, but that is going to change soon)

Multiples Mania Shop @ Zazzle

Stop in and have a look!

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