Sunday, May 31, 2009

Funeral and Genealogy

The funeral was soooo well thought out and touching! What a great send off for my great aunt! I also found out more genealogy stuff!

Our Native American blood was Sewee Indians we found out. We finally have a tribe name! YAY! We are related to the Kennedys ( yes, as in Pres. John Kennedy), we're related to Mary queen of Scots (we have a trail of Scottish blood a mile long!),there is other royal blood too, just can't recall right now. My dad's cousin is going to send me more info soon. She was able to trace our roots back to like the 13th or 15th century I think she said! It's all sooo amazing!

I also found out that Epilepsy is not only on my dad's side, but my mom's side too (my son has Epilepsy). Genetics is a powerful thing....

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  1. How cool! I love geneology, it's fascinating stuff!


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