Monday, May 25, 2009

Back To Work tomorrow!

Oy, is my 3 day weekend over already? Sheesh....not much sleep and even though I KNOW I got a lot done.....I still ave a ton more! Worked on my Cafepress and Zazzle shops, and am impressed with the "dent" I put in the designs I got done.

Too many designs I want to do and only 2 hands to do it with! I need about 8 more hands!

Here's one of my shops: LINKY LOO LOO

Now, I'm adding more all the time. So check back and if you know someone who might like my designs, please pass the link on! : P

I will be posting some of my new designs (and some that aren't) here and there.

This week is a slow week as my daughter and I will spend Thursday together! Each year I spend one day (that's all I can do folks) with my kid's class on a field trip or class event. This year, we've decided to spend the day together. So my daughter gets me this Thursday and my son the following Thursday, my oldest has decided he is too cool for that...BOOOOO!

Since when do they get to act like they are growing up!!


  1. Looking forward to seeing your new designs.

  2. Stopping by from MBC to follow and say hello :)


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