Monday, June 8, 2009

Conan ROCKS!

Is it me, or is Conan even more funny since he started hosting The Tonight Show? Have always loved him! And Andy is back? WOOOO HHOOOOO! I hope he's back for good!

I miss Jay, but he'll be back soon enough!


  1. I have yet to watch it with Conan on.
    Following from MBC.

  2. Hi! I'm following you through MBC followers club now!

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  4. I've always liked Conan, but haven't watched the tonight show since Jay left. I think I'll check it now, everyone says it's just as good.

    ~Nita (mom bloggers club)

  5. Hi! I'm following you through MBC followers club.

    I have ALWAYS loved Conan. I was actually a Conan viewer until I got married and my hubby was a Jay viewer. We compromised and because Jay was earlier we watched him regularly and Conan only on Fridays.

    I am super excited that he his on Late Night now, I agree that he is much funnier. But I am also looking forward to seeing Jay's new show in the fall.


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