Saturday, June 6, 2009

Causes close to my heart and other Causes.... I finally did it.

Rain rain go away! Ugh, not motivated to do too much! Oh well. I got somethings for the garage sale sorted so I can put them on hangers now that most of it is washed. One thing I recommend to people, ALWAYS a good idea to hang things on hangers in your garage, rather then have people see them folded on the table, it looks much better hanging up! I even take a spray bottle of water to things to get wrinkles out! I know, I'm crazy! I need to still get on Ebay and post something that are Gymboree, ugh, I don't know how I will get it done in 2 weeks!

So one thing I have been motivated to do (finally) is work on my shops that are online, and so I proceeded to do that. So I piled up my chocolate and chips (I know, I know, it probably doesn't sound very appealing to eat some chocolate and in the next breath some chips, but I do it lmao) next to me on the couch (I create my designs on my laptop usually), got my java and away I went.

I am proud to say, I have finally opened my "Causes" shop.

It will have a huge variety of Causes to choose from. One thing I will be sure to do is make designs of Causes that might not be as "well known" available.

A big reason for wanting to open a shop for Causes is that in the past, I have been soooo frustrated with trying to find a simple t-shirt (or one I like for that matter)to buy and wear, to bring awareness to finding a cure for Eczema (my son and I have it very badly at times, not just patches here and there either). There's barely anything out there.

It's just not a huge cause like Breast Cancer, Epilepsy and such. I started thinking "there has GOT to be other people who look for their cause online and it's just not a large enough Cause or it's not as well known (or whatever the reason it), so there isn't much to buy (or nothing) out there to spread awareness".

I am very excited to get this going and have some things in the shop already but I don't think I am going to make it available just yet, I want to have lots in there before I do. I am thinking of posting a list of Causes I have in the shop here on my blog, but I don't know if that would interest people.

I have many Causes that are close to my heart as it is, and I have wanted to open a shop for Causes for over a year but have been too chicken to do it.

Some of the Causes that are dear to my heart are because of my loved ones of course, like: my son suffers from Epilepsy and a few other things, my dad has Diabetes and Peripheral Neuropathy, an Aunt has Alzheimer's Disease, my grandfather died from Heart Disease and an Aunt from Breast Cancer ....and there are many others. I donate to them when I can, and if I were rich, I'd do it more often and to many others!

Anyway......tomorrow my kiddos and I are going to go see the movie "Up"! I can't wait! Although a friend told me that it's kinda sad at times, overall, it's great she said.

Love going to movies!

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